Are Costco Churros Vegan? A Closer Look at Everyone’s Favorite Treat

are costco churros vegan
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Are Costco Churros vegan? This is a question that might cross the minds of vegans and those with plant-based diets when visiting the popular warehouse store’s food court. Churros, with their irresistible combination of soft insides and crispy exteriors, have a special place in the hearts of many. But can vegans indulge in this delight? In this article, we will explore the ingredients of Costco Churros and determine if they align with a vegan lifestyle.

How Are Churros Made at Costco?

Costco’s food court is renowned for offering delicious and affordable food options. They take pride in preparing most of their food in-store, ensuring freshness. When it comes to churros, Costco follows a similar approach.

The churros at Costco are reheated on-site to serve them piping hot and crispy. These churros start as frozen and are reheated for customers. Interestingly, Costco churros use the same ingredients as traditional churros. The key ingredients for making these treats include:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Cinnamon

While churros are beloved by many, especially Costco’s loyal customers, it’s important to note that they contain animal-derived products like butter and eggs. Therefore, they cannot be considered vegan.

Vegan Options at Costco

While Costco Churros may not be suitable for vegans, the good news is that Costco’s food court does offer various vegan-friendly options. Costco has expanded its menu to include a range of vegan-friendly food items, making it a great place for vegans to enjoy a meal. These items may not be explicitly labeled as vegan, but a quick check of the ingredients will confirm their vegan status.

Here are some vegan food items you can try at a Costco food court:

1. Al Pastor Salad: This salad is packed with veggies and plant-based soy protein, along with black beans and vegan-friendly salad dressing. It’s a protein-rich option that’s both delicious and affordable.

2. Acai Bowl: Costco offers a vegan Acai Bowl with fresh fruits like banana chips, strawberry slices, blueberries, and granola. It’s a nutritious breakfast or snack option.

3. Berry Smoothie: The Berry Smoothie at Costco contains four servings of fruit with no added sugar or additives. It’s a refreshing and vegan-friendly drink option.

It’s worth mentioning that while these items are vegan, Costco may introduce more vegan options in the future, expanding its plant-based offerings.

The Vegan Hot Dog Petition

Vegans at Costco have been vocal about their desire for more vegan options. In 2019, nearly 2,000 people signed a petition urging Costco to add a vegan hot dog to its food court menu. Costco already offers a variety of hot dogs at an affordable price, but none of them are vegan.

Around the same time, Costco announced plans to introduce a plant-based burger at some of its food courts. Don Lee Farms supplies these vegan burgers to Costco, and while some locations offer them, they are not available everywhere.

The petition and the introduction of vegan burgers reflect the growing demand for plant-based options, and Costco seems to be taking steps to cater to this demand.


In conclusion, Costco Churros are not suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of ingredients like butter and eggs. However, Costco’s food court offers an array of vegan-friendly options, making it a convenient choice for plant-based eaters.

As the demand for vegan options continues to rise, we can expect to see more vegan items making their way into Costco’s food courts. Until then, vegans can explore the variety of vegan products available in the food warehouse section of Costco stores.

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