Are Fig Newtons Vegan? Unraveling the Vegan Status of this Classic Treat

are fig newtons vegan
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The age-old question for vegans and plant-based enthusiasts alike: Are Fig Newtons vegan? The answer to this seemingly straightforward question is more complex than you might think. Whether or not you consider Fig Newtons to be vegan depends on your personal dietary choices and comfort level with certain ingredients. Let’s delve into the details to understand why Fig Newtons may or may not align with a vegan lifestyle.

Non-Vegan Ingredients in Fig Newtons

For strict vegans, Fig Newtons pose some concerns due to certain potentially non-vegan ingredients. Let’s explore these ingredients and the considerations associated with them.

1. Sugar: The sugar used in Fig Newtons comes from various suppliers, some of whom employ a filtration process involving bone char. Bone char is a byproduct of charred animal bones, making it decidedly non-vegan. However, it’s essential to note that the sugar itself doesn’t contain bone char. The decision of whether to consume sugar processed with bone char is a personal one, and some vegans opt for it while others avoid it.

2. Natural Flavor: Fig Newtons list “natural flavor” as an ingredient. Unfortunately, this term offers little transparency as it could be sourced from either plants or animals. Companies typically do not disclose the source of natural flavors, leaving consumers in the dark.

3. Artificial Color: While Fig Newtons themselves do not contain artificial colors, the Newtons Strawberry Cookies variant includes Red 40, an artificial color. Red 40, in this case, does not contain any animal ingredients. Still, some vegans choose to avoid all artificial colors due to periodic animal testing.

4. Glycerin: Fat Free Fig Newtons include glycerin as an ingredient. Glycerin can be derived from either plant oil or animal fat, and packaging does not specify its source in this case.

Are Figs Vegan?

Figs are a key ingredient in Fig Newtons, and the good news is that figs themselves are unquestionably vegan. There has been some debate in the past about the vegan status of figs due to the role of wasps in pollination. However, figs are indeed vegan as no animal exploitation is involved in their production.

Gluten Content in Fig Newtons

If you have concerns about gluten, it’s worth noting that Fig Newtons contain wheat and are not gluten-free.

Vegan Alternatives to Fig Newtons

For those who prefer to avoid the potential non-vegan ingredients in Fig Newtons, there are alternatives to consider:

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars: Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars offer a great vegan-friendly alternative to Fig Newtons. These bars are certified vegan by Vegan Action, providing peace of mind for vegan consumers. They come in various flavors, including Original Fig, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Peach Apricot, Blueberry, and even Gluten-Free options like Blueberry, Raspberry, and Pomegranate.

Make Your Own Vegan Fig Bars

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to craft your own vegan fig bars at home, several recipes are worth exploring:

  1. Vegan Fig Newtons by It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken
  2. Old Fashioned Vegan Fig Newtons by PlantPure Nation

When making your own fig bars, consider using organic or certified vegan sugar if you are concerned about the sugar processing method.


The question of whether Fig Newtons are vegan does not yield a simple yes or no answer. It ultimately depends on your personal interpretation of veganism and your comfort level with certain ingredients, such as sugar processed with bone char and undisclosed natural flavors.

For those who prefer to steer clear of potential non-vegan components, Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars offer a certified vegan alternative. Alternatively, you can explore homemade vegan fig bar recipes for a delightful DIY experience.

In the realm of veganism, Fig Newtons present a nuanced choice, and the decision to include them in your plant-based diet is a matter of personal conviction.

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